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Pre-Algebra / Developmental Math Placement Test Review

  • Computerized study guide is your one-stop math test preparation tool!
  • Access to 3 practice tests with 100+ problems per test, including detailed explanations for each and every problem and personalized performance reports.
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Mission: Recon – Reconnect and Review for Pre-algebra / Developmental Math Placement Tests

Mission: Recon is a unique, computerized math placement test study guide that helps you prepare for your math math test in an entertaining way. Reconnect and review for your college placement test through 3 practice tests, a detailed performance report that shows you where you need help most, and detailed explanations for every math problem.

Now you can THROW AWAY those clunky test prep books and prepare for your math test with this easy-to-use, computerized math test preparation tool.

Choose the review mode to best suit your needs. Both game modes provide equal access to practice tests, explanations and performance reports.

Heist Mode: This game mode provides an exciting and suspenseful twist to your test review. You’re a notorious thief on a high-stakes “Heist” in an exciting and fast-moving game in which you answer math practice problems while pilfering various items – precious artwork, laptops, and race cars (to name a few); the more items you recover, the more points you earn!
Non-Story Mode: Access the practice tests, explanations, and performance report in a simulated test environment (no game play).

If you are serious about your college education and need to refresh your math skills prior to the high-stakes college placement (and want to avoid wasting time and money on non-credit-bearing Developmental Math classes), then this product is for you! Play a game while reviewing for the test… How awesome is that? You can install the game, read the directions, and begin playing within 10 minutes… It’s that easy!

Math Topics Covered:

  • Equations (linear equations, linear inequalities, quadratic equations, and literal equations)
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Polynomials (factoring, simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing)
  • Operations with monomials and binomials
  • Standard algorithms or concepts
  • Coordinate planes (translating between lines and inspecting equations)
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two variables
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