Getting To Know Lauren

What experience do you have working with teachers, kids, students, schools?

Well, it just so happens that I am a teacher! I think my dad is part of the reason why I became a teacher. He would tutor me at night, and I loved being able to go to school the next day and help all of my classmates who didn’t understand their homework!

I taught kindergarten in Virginia Beach, and I loved my job! Kindergarteners are so excited to learn to read and do math like their parents…I loved building on this motivation! I also taught 1st grade and 4th grade language arts.

While I was pursuing my Master’s degree, I worked as the Education Director for a wonderful non-profit, Junior Achievement (JA) of Greater Hampton Roads. Once I graduated from Virginia Tech with my Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction: Instructional Technology, I began working for ATLT Games to develop fun and educational math games!

How has math affected you in your life?

For me, I’ve always seen math as a way to keep my brain thinking of new ways to solve problems. Math helps me to look at situations from many angles to come up with a solution.

Working at JA really opened my eyes the importance of math in the real world. So many students don’t see the connections to the real world, and by the time they become adults, they’ve forgotten their algebra.

It’s impossible to balance a checkbook, maintain a company’s budget, deal with stocks and trading, keep track of inventory, pay the bills, find a cell phone plan that’s right for you, order supplies, determine the salaries of your employees, and figure out pricing of your product if you don’t know math. I loved how JA made obvious connections to how the “stuff” you learn in school relates to real life situations.

What is the best thing about working for an educational game company?

My favorite thing about working for ATLT Games is being able to stay involved in education and use my teaching talents while working with awesome math teachers and math tutors.

It’s amazing to see how we can utilize technology to help students build their math ability while making learning fun for the students!