Getting To Know James

What experience do you have working with teachers, kids, students, schools?

I was an Adjunct Faculty member who taught C++ to students at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. As an Assistant Scoutmaster, I’ve worked with teenagers, and I’ve also taught students how to write software programs.

What is your job position at ATLT?

I am a Software Developer/Systems Administrator. I work on the code of the game and also maintain our servers.

What is the best thing about working for an educational game company?

Knowing that the products that we create are meant to help kids to learn and grow intellectually is the best thing about working for ATLT Games. Seeing a product that you help create being used in classrooms is a great feeling. Knowing that our product helps kids understand and advance their knowledge of math that is essential to their later success make working on this product and working with this team even more worthwhile.

How has math affected you in your life?

Math plays a daily role in my software developments duties. Most of the things that I do now require algebra and sometimes trigonometry or geometry. Computers were actually built to solve math problems for the military. Most people don’t realize that a computer (prior to invention of what we now call a computer) was a person that solved math problems. 


I have a child of my own. I enjoy watching her grow and learn, and it gives me a new appreciation and perspective of the learning process. It’s hard to express how important the skills that The Lost Function teaches are to understanding the world around us that is full of math. From the simplest addition and subtraction that’s needed to do a household budget to understanding what a car loan and its associated interest rate means…math surrounds us.