Getting to Know Sally

What experience do you have working with teachers, kids, students, schools?
I have worked with public schools in both professional and volunteer capacities for the past 25 years – as a certified science teacher, math and science SOL tutor, classroom volunteer, PTA Board member, School Planning Council member, and now as a a representative for ATLT. I have also provided private tutoring services for math and science for middle and high school students. Other than helping in my children’s classrooms when they were little, most of my experience is working with middle school and high school students.

What is your job position at ATLT?
I get to do a lot of different things at ATLT – I work on the Content Team, proofing lessons and assessments for understanding and accuracy. I also travel to schools and exhibitions to demonstrate Pi and the Lost Function to educators across the country. My favorite part of my job is when I get to work with students and teachers who are using Pi and the Lost Function for Algebra Remediation; it is so fun and rewarding to see students learn and gain confidence with their math skills while playing the game.

What is the best thing about working for an educational game company?
Other than learning new things myself, the best thing about working for ATLT is that I get to work with the end-users…the students. Their feedback has been the most important thing for me to consider in the development of the game. Their input is at the forefront of my job; if we aren’t reaching the students, then I am not doing my job properly. I have watched Pi and the Lost Function relieve math anxiety for so many students. It is so rewarding to see the “lightbulb go on” or for a student to gain confidence so that they can move on in their math career.

How has math affected you in your life?
Other than in the classroom, math plays a huge role in my everyday life. I run a strict household budget using formulas for monthly expenses, savings, and investments. I love to cook , sew, and do household projects–all of which require understanding of measurements and conversions. My children and my husband are all engineers, so math and its application are part of everything we do. It is necessary for everyone to be math literate in this day and age–just trying to figure out a cell phone bill requires basic math understanding.