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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Players

A computer that meets our minimum system requirements, as well as paper (or a dry erase board), a pencil, and a four-function or graphing calculator, a login and password, and formula sheet. In general, you must correctly answer 80% of the questions in a set of Mysterious Math Problems to proceed past this component of a character’s assessment. If more than one skill is included within the Mysterious Math Problems, you must answer 80% or higher correctly for each skill.You must always answer a character’s final Challenge Question (real-life scenario related to the story) correctly before you may proceed to the next character. Some Mysterious Math Problems sections are composed of multiple skills. For example, the 15 questions may be comprised of 5 questions testing 3 different skills. If you pass one skill (by scoring at least 80% or better) and then miss too many questions on the second skill, you will be credited for the skill(s) already passed upon restarting the Mysterious Math Problems. No. Once you have successfully completed the Mysterious Math Problems (by scoring at least 80% or higher for each skill), you progress on to the Challenge Question. If you answer the Challenge Question incorrectly, you may simply try to answer the question again. The videos and lesson texts contain similar information; you may choose to read the lesson text, watch the videos, or do both.
Guided practice problems are interactive and contain hints and tips.
Lesson text contains graphics, explanations, examples, and links to prerequisite glossary items.
Instructional videos contain audio, teacher-modeled examples, and animations/graphics.
If you are just beginning a challenge, you can click on the “New Material” button located in the upper left hand corner of the assessment question display. This button will take you to a practice problem that is very similar to the assessment question you are having trouble with, and the in-game tutor will walk you through the steps on how to solve the problem. If you are stuck on a question while in the middle of a challenge, you can click the “Need Help?” button that is located in the upper right corner of the assessment question display. This button will link you to a practice problem that is very similar to the assessment question you are having trouble with.  If you would like additional help after completing the guided practice problem, you can choose to watch a related video or read through a lesson on the given topic. Yes, you can. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the tablet.
  2. Click on the index button in the lower left hand corner.
  3. Click on the unit you would like to review.
  4. Click on the individual lesson you would like to review; these are listed in blue links in the upper right-hand corner.

Yes.  You have the ability to click on any of the eight levels that you wish to review. For example, you may wish to review Level 8 – Graphing.  Once you click on that level, a list of all the quests (by title) pops up, quests 8.1.-8.17.  You simply click play to start playing a specific quest. There are two options: Hold down W to move forward, A to move left, and D to move right.
Forward Left Right

Or, simply use the standard arrow keys.

Yes, hold the shift key while you are moving, and your character will run.
Option 1: Option 2:



Not at this time, but we are developing this feature for inclusion in future versions of the game. Kernels are in-game currency. You can play mini-games at Gus’s Games using your kernels. At the moment there are nine levels in the game; however, one more level will soon be added. Yes! Follow these steps to change your character:
  1. Click on the Tools icon in the lower right corner of the game.
  2. Click on Character Selection.
  3. Choose your new character.
  4. Click Continue.
We are currently raising funds to add voiceover into the game for all character dialogue. Go to our Kickstarter Page to help us reach our funding goal. The faster we reach the goal the sooner we can get the voiceover into the game. Not right now. We recommend using a four-function or graphing calculator while playing the game. The highest score we know of is currently 68 chickens. Eventually, we plan on including a leadership board so that students can compete against each other.

FAQs for Teachers using The Lost Function in the Classroom

You can download a PDF file of all Skill Lessons in the Online Learning Content tool and Lost Function Video Game. The comprehensive listing summerizes the topic areas (unit), the skills, and the learning resources to include videos, narrative lessons, the number of guided practice problems, and the number of assessment problems. Select this link to download: Skill Lessons Listing The Teacher Portal provides the capability to create classes, populate classes with students, which automatically creates a username and password for each student, and view class-level and individual student progress and performance reports. For a brief introduction to the Teacher Portal and how to use it go to: Teacher Portal Description You must create a teacher username and password on the website,, before you can access your Class Lists and see student performance. Contact your Account Administrator (usually a Computer Resource Specialist) who is responsible for setting up your class lists.  It is possible that your Account Administrator did not set you up as an Instructor that is matched to a particular Class List of students. If you are unaware of who the Account Administrator is, please contact The total number of required accounts for a school is: the total number of teacher accounts + the total number of student accounts + the total number of administrator accounts for the school (usually the Computer Resource Specialist). Ex: 50 Students + 10 Teachers + 1 Administrator = 61 Total Number of Required Accounts No, in accordance with our licensing agreement with your school, the school’s license is meant only to be used at school. However, if you feel that a student could benefit from playing the game at home, please recommend that his/her parents purchase an individual license at