Rhyme ‘N Learn Math Raps

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to reach our students–especially that one student in the corner who daydreams or falls asleep. It is our job to incorporate as many techniques as possible to reach our students. In a world of social media, teachers are constantly competing with short (and entertaining) videos, 140-character messages, […]

14 Ways to Use The Lost Function

We talked to teachers and college professors who are using Pi & The Lost Function (TLF) in the classroom. Here is a list of 14 different ways they are using Pi with their students. H = High School use M = Middle School use E = Elementary School use C = College use PD = […]

Getting to Know Sally

What experience do you have working with teachers, kids, students, schools? I have worked with public schools in both professional and volunteer capacities for the past 25 years – as a certified science teacher, math and science SOL tutor, classroom volunteer, PTA Board member, School Planning Council member, and now as a a representative for […]


Download HTML Version    Download .DOC Version    Download The Lost Function Logo Download Student Photo    Download GameplayPhoto     Download Student Playing Photo   ACTUAL RELEASE DATE July 30, 2013   CREATING LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS   Virginia Beach, Virginia – July 30, 2013 – ATLT Games, creator of the math educational game […]

Symbols of Inequality – Free Printable

Do your students struggle with remembering what the symbols of inequality mean? Print this poster and display it in your classroom!   Every teacher needs some trendy posters to liven up their classroom! What posters would you like to see on

Sticky Note Substitution

Everyone knows that students get tripped up while using substitution when solving a system of equations…so make it visual! Use sticky notes of different colors to showcase how to use substitution.   Take a look at our example!  

Free Printable Coordinate Planes for Sticky Notes

Here’s a great, free printable to use in the pre-algebra or algebra classroom! Print blank coordinate planes on sticky notes for your students for quick and easy informal assessments! Each student can post their sticky note on a poster board under his/her name, and you can see which students are having trouble with a specific […]