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Algebra Readiness and College Test Prep Products for School and Home Use

  • If your student is in 6th through 12th grade and they are having problems passing standardized math exams, or you would like your student to improve their math grades purchase our Pi and the Lost Function math video game and online content tool for $24.97 to efficiently refresh your student’s foundational math skills and improve their math proficiency. Click here!!
  • If your student will be attending college purchase Pi and the Lost Function so they can prepare for taking the college math placement exam, or for starting math classes at college. If your student completes the Pi and the Lost Function curriculum, which should take 12-15 hours, they should improve their math proficiency enough to avoid taking at least one semester of non-credit developmental math, a tuition savings of $500-$800.
  • High school juniors, seniors, and college bound students should use our Mission:Recon college math placement exam prep tool ($19.99) to determine their readiness for college level math. Click here!! Then use Pi and the Lost Function to remediate any math skill deficiencies prior to taking the college math placement exam or starting developmental math or college level math classes. Huge potential cash (tuition) savings for students who refresh their math skills before taking a college math placement exam, or starting college math courses.